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Jane Clark - Best McKinney Realtor

What do you get when you cross an extrodinary talent for meeting people, with 20 years of experience in Collin County Real Estate? Throw in boundless enthusiasm, season with a touch of unstoppable energy and stir in bunch of battle tested Collin County Real Estate Knowledge and you would wind up with Jane Clark

When you first meet Jane Clark, you can’t help noticing her warm smile and her open and friendly nature. Probably the next thing you will feel is her contagious enthusiasm for her work and her passion for helping clients reach the goals of their real estate transaction. Jane has an uncanny ability to listen and drill down to what’s really important to her clients and to make that the focus of her marketing program. You will soon understand why Jane Clark quickly became a top producing Keller Williams Realtor with some serious experience in Collin County Real Estate.

Looking for a new home?

Jane Clark "One of the Most Trusted Names in Collin County Luxury Real Estate"


One on One with Jane

As an award-winning agent and one of the most trusted names in Collin County Luxury Real Estate, McKinney Realtor Jane Clark built her reputation on a philosophy she embraced when she started in 1998.
Jane Clark grew her business by focusing on people, principles and long term relationships.It's what she does best!

Award Winning Strategy

"When I first became a Realtor, I made a conscious decision to embrace a philosophy I call "Doing the Right Thing Creates the Right Results". It is tempting to take short cuts when you are struggling in situations with immediate, adverse consequences. But with a solid belief system in place, it is easy to choose the right path, you already know exactly what you will do."

The Power of Listening

“At the beginning of Jane's career She realized that she was in the service business, not the sales business. A critical component of serving her customers is listening. It is essential to Identify the Client's priorities and determine what’s important in their lives. Buying or selling a home is an emotional process, and understanding all the different parts of the transaction from your customer’s viewpoint is priceless.“